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LS Stationary

"A brand name is a type of long-term investment for a company. It represents the company's commitment to provide products of excellent quality to its consumers. When a consumer perceives a brand to be the ideal brand, it implies that the consumer has trust and faith in the company. A brand has to continuously gain recognition from its consumers in order to be valued by them. Companies should also cherish their brand's reputation and provide quality goods to their consumers as a form of appreciation.” A characteristic of an ideal brand is mindshare. When a company enters the 2.0 digital age, it operates on the SMAC (Social, Mobile Analytics, Cloud) business paradigm, a relationship marketing that can influence the consumers’ buying behavior. Interestingly, in brand marketing, there is an emphasis on instrumental and value rationalities.

Brand management comprises of eight key competencies: technology and research and development, product design, manufacturing, brand identity, product marketing, market expansion, accessibility and sales, and after-sales services.

LS stationery’s 5 key strategies:

Step 1: Determine the core values of LS stationery

Step 2: Establish a brand-led business culture

Step 3: Build the experience of having a brand-led strategy and culture

Step 4: Create a trend that goes beyond the mainstream

Step 5: Build a competitive edge to increase international endurance; Show that building a brand name is not as easy as designing a logo and then selling the brand only.

A brand’s level of influence in concentric circles is as represented: "product + service" → "image + concept" → "life + identity"

LS stationery today

It is often said that focus is important in accomplishing things. Those who attempt to fulfil too many things at once are destined to fail. Many of us have been tricked by that saying. This is an era of innovation. Talents, together with an appropriate and timely market trend and demands, a complete management system, and a reasonable profit distribution, makes it possible to tackle multiple goals at once without losing focus. Furthermore, we invest in a team to determine if pursuing the goals provide the company with a favourable platform to advance, so that business operators have a higher chance of succeeding. If the risks outweigh the rewards, we will not attempt to pursue those goals. After all, it is our duty to deliver quality goods and services to the market.

LS stationery tomorrow

It is not possible to foresee how the world will change, how technology will advance, and how fast those changes will occur. Countless of business failures are due to the ignorance of changing market trends. We firmly believe that innovation is the recipe for success. It will earn a place in the market that allows our colleague to showcase their talents, earn revenue, and to share profits amongst partners.

“No guts to explore a foreign area. But the lack of trying puts you in your comfort zone.”

“Have the courage to try, be diligent in managing, source for outstanding talents, and go forth to create your dream.”

Philosophy of LS stationery:

Mission: To provide cost-effective products to Asian consumers, so that everyone can have fun learning

Vision: To become Southeast Asia's largest integrated stationery company

Values: Love for the country, society, company, products, customers, colleagues, and family Cultural genes: steady, focused, innovative, sustainable

Company’s position:

To be Southeast Asia’s leading office stationery supplier, so that in every offices worldwide, the brand “LS stationery" can be commonly seen.

Industry’s direction:

Specialisation of the diversified industry

Strategic vision

Due to the global economic downturn, the development of Malaysia’s retail businesses have slowed down significantly. LS stationery has targeted the nation’s marketing trend and started business operations, building a brand recognition “LS stationery" and becoming one of the top domestic office stationery brand.


















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不做不熟 我們切記】







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